These services get you to:

  • clarity
  • confidence in your core business story and
  • increased capabilities to deliver intelligently and creatively on the goals that will propel your business or project to success.

Bundled into our conversations is a breadth of expertise that is very difficult to find elsewhere in a single person. 


2 hours, your office…………….from £275
90 mins, walking (Regent's Park or Hampstead Heath)……from £250
90 mins, in person on my patch (EC2)………£199
60 mins, Skype……………………£99

Power walks

6 x 90 min Skype sessions, ongoing email support spread over 12 months

Hike (for startups)

A year of support including 3 x 3-hour in person sessions, 3 x 90 min Skype sessions,additional phone calls (up to 30 mins) up to 2x per month, ongoing email support, fees payable in instalments over 11 months


6-month retainer, 6 x 3-hour in person sessions, ongoing email support, additional phone calls (up to 30 mins) as needed


StoryFORMing - business design

1 x 3-hour session, 2 x 2-hour sessions, learning materials, plus email follow up

   from £2400 

My & my shadow

This is a true performance enhancer: I join you wearing my "professorial hat" for pivotal meetings or when you are facilitating workshops. There I observe as a humane, curious, silent and supportive presence; and later provide private feedback on the climate, tempo and the degree to which I observed rapport. The purpose of this is to identify opportunities within future conversations where you can more successfully influence outcomes, including practical ideas for how you might address barriers moving forward. Over time, your social acuity will be enhanced; and your commercial effectiveness amplified. 




Tailored to you

This framework is a starting point.

Please get in touch with a clear idea of your budget or affordable investment, and I can tailor something that will work for both of us. 

So we're clear, I work to gain four things, beyond the results you achieve:

  • Revenue
  • Recognition & reputation
  • Reciprocity
  • Reach

I invite you to think how, as I help you grow, you can help me in any or all of these areas.

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Says one mentee: "Through conversation, storytelling and unique worldclass tools you engage, develop and inspire people, their businesses an projects to be the better versions of themselves possible. Through simplifying, sensemaking and making all parts of a whole visible you are gently coaching people's unique skills and their business solutions into brilliance while at the same time engaging the imagination and hearts of those you meet."