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Message A (1 of 3)

Message A (1 of 3)


Message A

This is the message closest to the 16-min movie.

Message B (2 of 3)

Message B (2 of 3)


Message B

As suggested by Emma and Peter, with a focus on peace and our role today in making history. My husband prefers this one.

Message C (3 of 3)

Message C (3 of 3)


Message C

My cousin (who is outside Brexit Britain) made an excellent suggestion, based on her viewing of the 16-min movie. The messages here are her translations of that experience. 


The linked movie

Made by Dr Kate Hammer using found material from the #NoDust & European Commission digital archives on 13-14 March 2017. Movie by European Commission tweeted by @ECinUK - the twitter account of the EU in London Rep. #EU60 about EU leaders meeting in Rome on 25 March to celebrate 60 years since the signing of the Treaties of Rome

Original recording of Kate made on 14 March 2017 in her home studio. Original poems by Nellie (age 7) and Tween Poet (age 12.5). Original song written and performed by Annie King-Ferguson (16 years old at time of live recording) Maisie Sadgrove (third year BA Dance Studies student at University of Roehampton) spoke extemporaneously Miranda Grell, Barrister, once Labour Councillor for Leyton, East London spoke from prepared notes. Miranda's full speech is here and also on her website:

All factual errors are Kate's. Ricardo the #NoDust videographer is working quickly at the limits of our technology.

Any donations against the cost of this film graciously received. The donation will be paid to Throughline Ltd, and therefore subject to VAT.

Donations graciously received

The advertising is 30,000 impressions for £400.00. The artwork on the adverts cost Kate £75, and the film editing cost Kate £100. Every £5 counts to lowering the investment Kate has made in preventing destructive Brexit. Her work is summarised here.