About #NoDust

#NoDust is a space for independent thinking about the causes & consequences of the divisive EU Referendum; it is a collection of essays on Medium and an ongoing experiment in civic conversation. #NoDust public gatherings provide a place for anyone ages 12+ to hear from and talk with artists, youth, entrepreneurs and wise people.

#NoDust is also a commitment to peace.

Kate Hammer started creating #NoDust to stop the dust from settling on the divisive EU Referendum by starting new conversations. The conversations keep growing.

4-min movie of Kate Hammer in action

Through public gatherings she produces with venue champions, Kate Hammer reaches 100s of  people. Through Twitter and Medium she connects with 1000s. Most importantly, she connects people with one another. It will be those fresh connections across difference and distance that drive meaningful, lasting change. 

Milestone actions in the experiment:

  1. Jul 3: Open Letter to MPs on Medium
  2. Jul 26: On-camera 75-min interview with AC Grayling 
  3. Aug: #NoDust Medium channel established. Made an audio clip to SMR inaugural episode.
  4. Sep 5: Submitted evidence to the EU Referendum Lessons Learned Inquiry
  5. Sep 5: #NoDust1 public gathering for 150 ppl at Conway Hall Ethical Society featuring speakers ages 16-70s
  6. Sep: Spoke at Surrey for Europe alongside David Welsh (Vote for Europe founder) & Jonathan Hammond (Britain For Europe). Made audio clip for SMR.
  7. Oct: Walked away from Richmond Primary Project. Made an SMR clip. Convened the Vote for Europe brand strategy session for David Welsh.
  8. Nov: secured offer from the Vice Chancellor of University of Richmond to hold #NoDust2 there at no cost
  9. Jan: #NoDust2  event featuring Andree Frieze, the Green Party MP candidate who stood down to clear the path for Sarah Olney’s by-election
  10. Feb: Issued 3 #NoDust videos (Ian DuntMiranda Grell, #NoDust Artists ages 7-21). Created nodust.co website.
  11. Feb: Co-wrote the Umbrella Approach as a method to draw people together under the shelter of shared valued. The Umbrella Analysis is also an evaluative framework for seeing in one place the logic underlying each piece of legislation. 
  12. Mar: Made this 16-min movie after Art 50 Intention to Notify power was granted to the Prime Minister. 
  13. May: Launched the campaign by Tim Lord as an independent standing for Parliament in the Westminster and City constituency.