#NoDust artist statement, by Kate Hammer (a work-in-progress) / by Kate Hammer


I am  here to say that a settled peace was jeopardised as soon as the Electoral Commission determined the wording of the question, David Cameron scheduled the Referendum before UK citizens residing 15+ in the EU had secured their voting rights in UK elections, and the Electoral Commission finding [insert Dec 2015 finding - can't remember] lowered numbers of registered voters of a university-age, before the date of the Referendum meant voter registration by university students not living at home was compromised. 

Who is valued? Who is not?

I am here to say that after the Referendum the turbulence has been about who is valued and who is not. I am here to say that if you lived in Britain and did not know before the Referendum that there was a systemic problem of great gravity about who is valued and who is not, your blindspot was bigger than your awareness. Nothing that happened on June 23, 2017 surprised my husband.

My British family

My  is the co-inventor and full curator of KILN's IdeaKeg. My husband is the Yorkshireman, grandson of Clarence, a sturdy minor who bequeathed him his bald head. My husband is the Yorkshire who wrote Brexit and Futures People Won't Look At - 5min read on #NoDust on Medium. My husband is the son of a Bengali doctor who has served Britain's National Health Service tirelessly and joyfully since 1967, whose family home was restored from disrepair by trusted patients at his GP surgery whose families were suffering during the minor's strike 1984-85. We know my father-in-law is safe in Doncaster because the hearing impairment that forced him to retire reluctantly at age 75 veils him from racist comments. His cherished wife who soothes Kate more immediately than anyone is safe with  him. Their importance to our story is impossible to put into words. For the rest of their lives we want to live in Britain. 

What's the word for the bad fortune version of serendipity?

My husband would have legal co-responsibilty for the Tween Poet he step-fathers. But her father's signature went onto a paper that was more important still to the stability of our family.  The consequence of this is that if I, Kate Hammer, fall ill or am hurt when my work takes me out of Britain to other countries, my husband will face barriers getting my daughter to me. There is not yet any legal document that links them in the protective relationship in which they live.

Since my former husband was diagnosed with cancer when I was working in the USA, I think a lot about the distances away from my family that my work takes me. I have always been frightened  -- with good reasons -- of falling ill or needing hospitalisation in the USA. 

Su Crisis, Mi Crisis

My work on the Constitutional Crisis started because Indy and my daughter's legal father found out his cancer was spreading on Jun 24, 2016. The same day Miranda Grell celebrated her birthday. My daughter has all her parents' permission to question everything. Being in our family means: she must build her own moral compass. 

In #NoDust I have always acted in a manner I would happy for her to emulate. 

I am proud that since the Referendum she has become more interested in history, evidence and the accuracy of arguments. She is her father's daughter through and through. 

I've gone to the Palaces of Westminster. I'm intervening in the Stockholm Syndrome. I am not working alone. Everyone who wishes for Justice+Reason can make a difference. 

The person who unlocked this phase of understanding in me was the man who said, firmly: Family First. He knows who he is. Maybe one day you will too.

Family is what you make it. 

My family is: A brown man who was cornered with Racial Abuse in the Strand in Central London at 3pm on 25 Jun 2016, A 12.5 Year Old Wants Her Mother's Time & Attention Back, and A Bargaining Chip who elicited the patterns of value, time, and attention that allowed us to install the proper Operating System to make #NoDust.