Who is who in VUCA mode? by Kate Hammer

VUCA is a term coined by the US Military to designate situations that are volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous. This pretty much describes Britain since the EU Referendum. 

Post-Referendum Britain reveals two kinds of people and organisations: Value Creators and Hedge-Funders. The latter are defined as any person or organisation who profits from turbulence, mayhem or despair. Hedge-Funders includes gossips, doomsayers and other people who would rather howl or moan rather than solve a problem. These two types vie for attention, and the predominance of one over the other will determine whether Britain's withdrawal is a fait accompli or a reversible decision amenable to course correction.

#NoDust artist statement, by Kate Hammer (a work-in-progress) by Kate Hammer

I am  here to say that a settled peace was jeopardised as soon as the Electoral Commission determined the wording of the question, David Cameron scheduled the Referendum before UK citizens residing 15+ in the EU had secured their voting rights in UK elections, and the Electoral Commission finding [insert Dec 2015 finding - can't remember] lowered numbers of registered voters of a university-age, before the date of the Referendum meant voter registration by university students not living at home was compromised. 

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Agile advocacy: view from the coal face by Kate Hammer

Everything we do is detailed and based on evidence and a bit of gut feeling because we are shaping the future. What we're asking is not blind faith but absolute faith in the system we've adopted and the integrity of the Lords for us to point them to a way to break a wholly inappropriate party-only approach to a national crisis issue.  In a sense, we’re being the Shadow Cross-Party Opposition. 

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What I told the Inquiry about the Referendum and Peace in Northern Ireland by Kate Hammer

1.1.  Even posing the question undermines settled international peace. Any question that would materially change the nation’s ability to continue to fulfill the obligations set forth in an international peace treaty (the Belfast Agreement) is not appropriate for a referendum. The EU Referendum Question falls into this category.

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