Kate Hammer 


Story Designer, Catalyst, Facilitator, Mentor, Coach

"When Kate starts telling a story, everyone listens. She has an incredible way of capturing a room of people. However, what makes her remarkable is not her way of talking, but her ability to listen and facilitate conversation. Having Kate as an advisor for the social startups in our accelerator program, SoPact, was one of our best decisions so far, according to both us and the startups. Handing out useful tool after tool and taking the time to understand and coach each startup as well as leading a workshop for students, Kate impressed us in every field. A great inspiration."
~ client at social impact accelerator SoPact.Org in Sweden

The story design framework, storyFORMing, that I created in 2012 has been used to: make manageable a pro bono global campaign raising hope & funds for a nearby family after their child was brain-injured; as basis for agile advocacy in the wake of the divisive referendum on Britain's membership in the European Union; to name an innovative agricultural adaptation/transformation programme in southern Africa with a 25-year time horizon and a two-year grant; to help entrepreneurs and corporate transformation leaders succeed faster and avoid common pitfalls. storyFORMing keynotes and workshops have featured at a wide range of conferences, from Shoppers Insights MainStage (closing Day 2 of the 3-day conference) in Chicago in 2012, to ISPIM 2016 Annual Conference in Portugal & UCD16 in London. 

IdeaKeg, the 3-dimensional trends and culture insight *magazine* that Gregg Fraley, Indy Neogy & I co-invented in 2010 has been used inside the world's largest FMCG companies, publicly endorsed by Whirlpool Corporation, featured at Front End of Innovation conferences we haven't even attended. Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology (ranked #1 in USA for undergraduate engineering, ahead of MIT and CalTech) has adopted IdeaKeg to help students become more curious and better at connecting the dots.  I have facilitated IdeaKeg at Market Research Society's annual conference (2014, shortlisted 1 of 3 best breakouts); and Entrepreneurship Conference (London, 2015). IdeaKeg also featured at KEEN Annual Winter Conference (2016, led by two professors from Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology), Intrapreneurship Conference (London, 2016) and multiple CPSI conferences. 

The experimentation underpinning storyFORMing and IdeaKeg is possible because for nearly a decade, I have successfully run a small boutique consultancy called Throughline. Our purpose is to make innovation and change easier, by helping people gain the capabilities and access to the tools they need to have better conversations in business. 

Throughline is named after the theory of acting I studied, as a child with my parents (actor-teacher dad, teacher-director-historian mom) and in MFA programmes in the USA. To round out my creative education, I have earned a PhD in Drama, Theatre & Performance Studies; trained in deliberate creativity, Time To Think and coaching methodologies. I help people expand their zone of comfort and also to work creatively and confidently at its edge.

Thanks to Euan Thorneycroft at literary agency A.M. Heath (est. 1919) I shall, in due course, write a book called Speed of Courage

2017 credentials bio

Founder Throughline 2007
Co-Founder KILN 2010
Spearheaded This One's 4 Ruby 2010
Created #NoDust on Brexit 2016

Watch Kate:

How storyFORMing was invented by Kate Hammer to help a family restore hope and a sense of the future. Filmed June 2012.