The Lords will save the nation

They will need our help and support, in words not pitchforks, to outshine their colleagues in the Lower House. Last week MPs in Commons tried to amend the Art 50 bill, but once their own amendment failed they didn't stay to support the next great idea, they left to lick their wounds. 
We offer a 3-Part Umbrella:
First, people have no place in negotiations over trade.  Unilaterally granting rights to those who have chosen the UK as their home must be able to stay in their family and lives. We have enjoyed peace for 70 years, we're pluralists not racists. Not going back there. 
The second part is complicated. It's a reverse gear. We like a product, we say we'll have it, but we check if the suite will fit the room in the new house. When it doesn't we ring up, maybe a little embarrassed, to say it doesn't and we won't be going forward. Back to plan A. In other words, we have choices we can then affirm.
The third part is common sense.  We need communication to improve. 
Be your own Don or Donna Quixote today. Join our team, and write to a Lord today. Or we will all lose Magna Carta rights and our way of life. - JE Marson

You are braver than your fears

I know that Parliamentarians are scared: of seeming out of touch with people’s grievances, of seeming to disregard the views expressed through the referendum vote. I’m scared too: Parliament has lost oversight and accountability for Parliamentary process.  A shrinking civil service will exacerbate this. I’m scared of the Executive's repeated disregard for Parliament. I’m terrified of the USA’s Republican President. The interests of this nation’s people are not his.

I will be safer with a Parliament as a true sovereign deliberator and decision-maker, empowered by information. 

Unlike those who feel fear, then shield themselves in myths, Lords and MPs can honour both sides of the Referendum result without throwing anyone under the bus. 

The 3-Amendment Umbrella is a tool to engage understandable fears and overcome them. I believe it offers a way for Parliament to secure the decency and respect Britain's people deserve.

The 3-Amendment Umbrella does not salvage the Good Friday Agreement. Nor does it protect the union with regards to Scotland’s standing. Those are as important but more political. Cross-party collaboration is so vital and novel. 

There will be much work ahead to preserve peace and promote mutuality and cooperation within Britain and internationally. - Kate Hammer PhD


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I thoroughly endorse the 3-Amendment Umbrella for the Article 50 Bill. This approach aims to restore fairness, sense and protection where it is needed most.”
— Dr Jim Walsh, ethicist (personal capacity), also CEO Conway Hall Ethical Society

With 190 peers speaking, I can only believe that the Amendments will be many and varied, and probably destined for the same fate as in the Amendments proposed in the Commons. The 3-Amendments Umbrella cuts through this.
— Steve Lawrence, Architect and Children's Rights Activist

Who would have thought a year ago we would have so steely a Prime Minister and Parliament so far from being sovereign? 

A 137-word bill names the Prime Minster (this is highly usual) and grants her solely the power to take us out of a 40-year relationship, with no reverse gear and an uncertain Atlantic relationship.  

USA protectionism makes us vulnerable at a time when we need them to provide a backstop for exports. Already, currency drop and prices rises are unprecedented in our lifetimes. Not even Black Monday did that.  - JE Marson & Kate Hammer