I coach people committed to making a dent in the world. 

If you're seeking change, or struggling to make change -- graciously, whole-heartedly, quickly -- I can help you. As coach, I'm here to create a safe space where you can explore your assumptions and wishes and from which you can make change. My role is to scaffold your best thinking. 

The people who gravitate to me are smart, restless, even irreverent -- and as a consequence, unsure where to seek help making change. 

Helping businesses start & grow

I coach & mentor entrepreneurs and change makers, drawing on over 15 years experience of new ventures, as both a founder and a startup employee.

My coaching clients gain clarity, confidence and courage. Some become more resilient, others more creative.

Coaching is unlike any other kind of conversation - because it's all about you, and the answers your wider mind holds to the unique questions you face.

Click here to hear directly from people who've worked with me. 

Accessible and trustworthy

I offer 1:1 coaching:

  • via Skype,

  • face to face on public sofas and private rooms in London EC2 (Barbican/Clerkenwell)

  • walking in London's parks

Some of the packages I offer are listed here
I also work with teams. 

My coaching is backed by academic training from the University of Chester's postgraduate programme with Barefoot Coaching. I uphold the ethics and code of practice of both the ICF and European Mentoring and Coaching Council (EMCC). 

Terms of business & insurance

Terms of business are available upon request. 

I hold indemnity & public liability insurance through Oxygen.  

Contact me
on twitter @kate_hammer or on LinkedIn