You achieve more, working with me

I help ambitious all-rounders, misfits and mavericks achieve more in their working lives. Since 2007 when I set up Throughline Limited, I have worked with individuals and with businesses seeking to achieve more than their status quo. You can read more about my business and personal coaching here

In my work with businesses, I'm asked to help with brand, innovation, creativity, alignment, leadership and strategy. My keynote talks are galvanising and memorable. 

I choose the tools I use carefully. For creative sessions that are fruitful for ambiverts and introverts, I use KILN's IdeaKeg tool which has been independently shown to outperform conventional brainstorming. To teach Creative Problem Solving (which I do 1:1 or in groups), I use the Basadur method. For compelling commercial stories and to promote shifts in leadership style that come from within leaders themselves, I use my own tool StoryFORMing. Sometimes, I write copy or ghostwrite on select projects (usually entrepreneurial or related to my interests in theatre and neuro-diversity). 


  • Lifts the ceiling off what's possible
  • Designs unforgettable workshops
  • Delivers mesmerising talks & keynotes
  • Writes arresting content
  • International track record and network
  • Voted top blogger in innovation
  • Tells stories, while getting others to form their own
  • Creates tools that help people
  • Speeds people on their work journeys
  • Smart - lateral - compassionate

Anchor points

  • 20+ year immigrant to Britain
  • Born and raised in the USA
  • Graduated from Brown U magna cum laude, Phi Beta Kappa
  • Trained as an actor, with a PhD in Drama and Theatre Studies
  • Elected Fellow of the Royal Society for the Arts in 2010


Requests from students

Increasingly I am hearing from postgraduate students seeking help with their research. I am always happy to consider requests for: interviews, mentoring and supervision.  In rare cases, I can offer people project-based work experience. 

Mentoring and supervision for company-sponsored students are charged as coaching engagements. The only barter-based contracts are for self-funding students.

Enquiries from corporates

Please respect my time and IP if you are making an open-ended enquiry.

If there is an actual project, please collect as much information as possible about your firm's procurement policies and processes before asking me for a proposal. 

 If you want to learn from me or explore your company's crossroads with me, please book a 1:1 coaching session